Monday, July 6, 2009


Welcome to another new, African identity music style, seriously gaining recognition, internationally. BONGO MUSIC.
Bongo Music, is a brand of high life, popular among the Owerri people of Imo state, eastern Nigeria.
Bongo music is known for its dominant use of conga and other rhythmic percussion's, to re-create a rich and romantic atmosphere for the singer to flex his vocal muscles, with grandeur.
This form of music, was popular in the early 60's and 70's, and was pioneered by the likes of, Nze Dan Orji, Isreal Nwaoba, Ike Dialla, Ederi Nwaolariche, to mention a few.
Recently this sound, has made a serious come back, after its re-invention, by Engr. BRUNO, an R&B/HipHop producer, who infused funk, into the sound, thereby giving it a new flavor, more afrocentic and more modern, enabling it to capture a wider audience.
This has been made possible, by the Musical marraiage of Engr. Bruno, with artistes like, King Owigiri, Dr. Sir Foreigner,Chima Eke, Eligwe Nwaugorji, etc.
If you are a lover of highlife music, Then you would surely Love this brand of music.
Bongo Music has indeed come to stay.